Green Door Art Gallery

Location: 21 N. Gore, Webster Groves, MO

I am a resident artist at the gallery with work always on display. The exhibit includes not only my photography but the collaborative decoupage work of my wife Barbara, which incorporates my photographs.

In conjunction with the upcoming reception on the theme "Florals and Botanicals", May 12, 2017, I will have five photographs from Europe capturing floral displays from my travels. This image of a pump and flowers in the town of Kaysersberg in Alsace France will be among them.

Pump and Flowers in Alsace

Pump and Flowers in Alsace

Travels Through Europe

June 2017

Location: One Metropolitan Square, St. Louis, MO

A solo exhibit of photographs from my travels trough Europe will be on display during the month of June 2017 in the main lobby of the Metropolitan Square Building. The lobby and art wall are open to the public and there is no admission to access the exhibit.

Over 40 linear feet of wall space will showcase some of my favorite photographs from almost two decades of travel in Europe including the locally exhibited favorites "Red Umbrella In the Piazza" and "Steps and Ivy In Assisi".

The Metropolitan Square Building is located at One Metropolitan Square at the corners of N. Broadway, Pine Street, Olive Street and N. Sixth Street in the heart of downtown St. Louis, MO.

A 30" x 20" canvas print of this image from Venice is among the photographs on display

Gondolas and San Giorgio At Sunrise

Gondolas and San Giorgio At Sunrise